A place is nothing without a soul. Without a concept. Without a hint of humanity. Without magic. At Lala Home we offer much more than interior design services. We add life to a space by creating a concept that is visible all the way from a specially designed logo to the candles you will use in your restaurant, hotel or any other business. The true power of impact relies on details. They are the key to put something together or tear it down in just bits of seconds. At Lala Home we offer a comprehensive package to turn your business into the place your customers are dreaming of.


It all starts with an idea. After the first meeting, Lala Home takes over and creates a brand, a look, a design and a feeling for your business. We’ll provide a logo, a creative image that will spread over every aspect of your business. After we’ve completed the branding, all the rest follows. The main project will be the interior design. But with Lala Home you’re not only signing for a project, you’re signing for a completely custom-made kind of work. It’s not only the space that will turn into what we’ve conceived; it will also be the selected elements to add the feeling of your brand. Every corner and every material, piece of furniture and decorative element will have a reason. With Lala Home nothing is left to chance. If you’re, for example, a restaurant owner, we’ll give you the concept of your waiter’s outfit, the way to serve the tea, the flowers on the table and every other very important detail your customers will notice.


Our turnkey operation is the A-Z of interior design. Lala Home is not just another interior design company, it’s the ultimate custom made, personalized business creation & renovation company you will want in your business’ life.